The Left's SCOTUS Leak Strategy

Abortion is the sacred cow of The Left. Creating an issue out of thin air is the specialty of The Left. The leaked information of the the pending Supreme Court decision seems to show that abortion will not be outlawed, rather the legality of abortion will be returned to the states. The Left knows this full well. The fact that it was leaked reveals the strategy of The Left; they hope to 1. Generate enough fear among liberals to get a federal pro-abortion law passed in Congress immediately. 2. Energize their Democrat base for midterm elections and thus hang onto control of Congress. The best of both worlds. The good news is: This episode demonstrates that The Left knows it's lost popular support among voters and control of the Supreme Court. The entire plot reminds me of the ambush of Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign- when he was asked about outlawing birth control. He was dumfounded. The Left invented an issue out of thin air and used it against the hapless RINO Romney. Now the bad news: There are plenty of voters who fall for it. Every time.


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