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HCP Texter

I often say I have the smartest listeners in the Hill Country. I see proof of that everyday.

Especially, through your comments on the Texter.

Recent examples:

"Just like the Feds borrowing money to send to Ukraine, our EIC wants to borrow money to give grants to local nonprofit projects".

Barbara in Kerrville

"There once was a fool named Andy;

Who handed out falsehoods like candy;

Now he and a wino, showed they are real Rinos and egg on their faces is dandy!"

John in Bandera

" Good morning, was listening to government officials stating that the buoys placed on the Rio Grand River were an environmental hazard to the mussels living in the river bed….I guess in that case millions of aliens stomping across the river bed should really enrage the environmentalists.... ah, the sounds of silence..." Anonymous

See what I mean? Informed. Intelligent. Clever.

Join the fun on the Hill Country Texter 833-828-6537.

Many thanks for Evapor 8 and The Old Ingram Social Club.

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