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Racist Inventions?

Promoters of Critical Race Theory claim that ALL white people are racists.

They claim that racism is inescapably ingrained in anyone of pale pigmentation.

They further claim that the American way of life is "systemically racist". Many in that group have gone so far as to call for the elimination of white people.

Since it's claimed that all the thoughts of white people are tainted by racism, it follows that the products of those thoughts; the inventions of white people would be racist too. If CRT folk want to eliminate systematic racism in America they should stop using the inventions of white folks- like television, microphones, computers, cell phones, social media, and various other communications technologies. Invent new "anti-racist" communication technology.

It's time for the CRT advocates to develop their own communications system or admit that not every thought of white people is racist and that the contributions from People of Pale Pigmentation has been largely beneficial for people of all shades.

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