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The Mug Shot

You can bet that Fani Willis was expecting to become a rising star in the Democrat party when she delivered what her co-conspirators were anxiously awaiting; The Trump Mugshot.

However, it was Donald Trump himself who began marketing his mugshot before Ms. Willis ever had a chance. Instead of his mugshot being an emblem of shame, he's promoting it to show his own resolve and just how corrupt the Swamp really is. Given the charges listed in the Fulton County indictment, the number of co-defendants named, and the timing of the whole thing it's hard to imagine how anyone could dismiss the likelihood of collusion between Ms. Willis and members of the DC Swamp. She's not smart enough to have concocted this convoluted "election interference" case. By the way, Ms. Willis' case is election interference.

The Dems wanted a mugshot of Trump to use in their campaign materials. By the time they use it, the mugshot will be so well known that it's lost it's impact. The preemptive strike is one of Trump's great strengths. He stole the Democrats' thunder. Next.

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