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The Jason Aldean Dust-Up

The Jason Aldean song, "Try That In A Small Town" depicts riots, looting, arson, assault, and general mayhem from the BLM and ANTIFA riots of the last several years. The song is a warning to those who would try that sort of thing in a small town. Predictably, Aldean has drawn cries of "Racism!" from the Left. Why? Several reasons:

  1. It indicates that people have had enough of the looting and rioting.

  2. We've heard enough of the excuses for criminal behavior.

  3. We are finally ready to stand our ground.

  4. Leftists fear that the charge of "Racism" is losing it's impact.

  5. If one group of folks walks away unaffected, another group might too.

In reaction to the outcry, the Country Music TV Network has banned "Try That In A Small Town". As of this writing many Country Music Superstars, in solidarity with Aldean, have withdrawn their music videos from the CMT network. This is a wonderful development. Americans must stand together to defend our Free Speech.

As Chris Rufo says, "The way to win the culture war is to demonstrate strength, blast through fake taboos, and play for keeps."

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