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The Barbie Movie Controversy

From the moment the first trailer was released, "The Barbie Movie" has been surrounded by controversy over negative comments about the so-called patriarchy, promotion of the trans agenda, and other woke topics. My beef is over the inordinate amount of free publicity the movie has received. The free hype certainly gave Barbie a leg up. Barbie now holds the record for the most successful opening weekend of any Warner Brothers movie. Imagine if the true-life child trafficking drama, "Sound of Freedom" had received as much free advertising. It would be an even bigger blockbuster than it is currently. Having said all this, my greatest annoyance concerning the Barbie Movie is the ballyhooed female director, who has taken Barbie to the top. However, she stepped into a cush gig; for 70 years Barbie has been a hugely successful worldwide icon. Truth is, the director would have had to work very hard to drag down the Barbie brand. When you really think about it, how could The Barbie Movie have failed?

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